Proudly Italian and based in Singapore since 2012, I design and collect fashionable accessories from Asia.

My adventure started 8 years ago when I first moved to India.

Sometimes exhausting, or though, or overwhelming, but definitely incredible, India is the place where I was deeply inspired.

Naturally connected to the culture, I embraced my exciting journey around India and the rest of ASIA, full of enthusiasm and curiosity.

Carried away by an explosion of colours, amazing art and crafts, a touchy spirituality and a widely spread tradition, I started growing my interested in fusion design.

Moving to Singapore 5 years ago I have been exposed again to a new environment, different from India but extremely interesting for its distinguishing multiculturalism.

I eventually founded E&DOTS[design] with the idea of collecting products that I like during my journeys around Asia. No rules or limits are set, just a free expression of myself through what I come across and select along the path.

Because of the true essence of this project, it won’t be just a collection of physical products but a blend of different feelings and emotional experiences.  

E&DOTS[design] has got also a creativity LAB for the hand made collections:myDOTS[design].

Visit the products' section to start the experience with me and follow my #instagram for the latest news.